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Federation of Sadar Bazar Wishes everybody a VERY HAPPY HOLI

Welcome to Federation of Sadar Bazar Trades Association.

Federation of Sadar Bazar Trades Association (Regd.)  is the parental organization of major trading and market associations of Sadar Bazar, the biggest wholesale market of Asia, situated in the heart of Delhi, India.

Federation of Sadar Bazar Trades Association (Regd.) or FESTA is serving the Trading community for around six decades, under the dynamic leadership of its Chairman, Shri Manohar Lal Kumar, a reputed leader of the trading community and an eminent social and religious personality.

FESTA has always stood up with the trading community whenever the need has arisen and fought for the rights and welfare of the traders, be it the opposition of the controversial Delhi rent control act, or resistance against imposition of Value Added Tax (VAT), or for the allotment of a large Parking Space at Qutub Road Sadar Bazar, Delhi

The Present President of FESTA Shri Pawan Kumar, who was elected as president in April 2008, is a young and dynamic leader, also associated with many social organizations in the capital. Keeping in toe with the traditions of FESTA and its commitment towards the trading community, Shri Pawan Kumar has successfully fought for the welfare of the traders, despite having suffered a grave physical injury that left him bedridden for 6 months, sustained during the agitation led by him against the transferring of the Qutub Road Parking Space to a private party, for processing of garbage.

Pawan Kumar is assisted by an honest and dedicated team of office bearers appointed by him with consultation of our Honorable Chairman Shri Manohar Lal Kumar and Vice Chairman Shri Chaman lal Marwah and Param Jeet Singh "PAMMA", comprising of Shri Roshan Lal Anand, working President, Shri Satpal Singh ‘Manga’ Senior Vice President, Shri Parkash Mahendru, Shri Rakesh Kumar Yadav, ,Shri Davinder Singh Sapra, Shri Jaswinder Singh Chabra, General Secretaries, Shri Pawan Khandelwal, Treasurer and others. Names of all the office bearers and their contact details can be accessed at the Member’s page.